Thursday, September 15, 2016

5 Locations Inside Your Business Where You Should Have Signs

Interior Business Sign Shop Walnut Creek CA - Office, Lobby, ADA, & More

Great business signs aren’t only for outside your business. They also belong indoors, where they can have a huge impact on your overall business strategy and foot traffic. These locations and signs include:

1. The Lobby

Interior Business Sign Shop Walnut Creek CA - Office, Lobby, ADA, & MoreLobby signs are absolutely essential for most businesses who cater to customers or who have multiple employees. These signs, usually mounted inside a lobby or waiting area, help to establish that all-important first impression with prospective clients and bring a certain respectability and professionalism to the location.

You can also use lobby signs throughout your offices in main hallways or meeting areas, which can help to reinforce your brand and image in the minds of new or existing customers and employees.

2. Storefront Windows

Your company’s windows present a tremendous option for sharing information with potential customers. Information including hours, contact info, specials, and other advertising. Consider removable placards or high quality window clings to get your message out.

3. Restrooms

When you have to go, you have to go. Restrooms need clear signage to guide visitors and help them determine where they need to go and which restroom belongs to which gender. Signs should be installed on or beside the restroom entrances and in main areas to point guests in the right direction.

You should also check to be sure that your signage meets requirements established by the Americans with Disabilities Act, a piece of legislation which states that all public areas must have the proper signs displayed for disabled individuals. This includes braille signs, handicap signs, wheelchair signs, handicap bathroom stall signs and more. As a professional sign maker, part of what we at Sequoia Signs do for our clients is research the most recent ADA codes to make sure you are covered and 100% compliant.

4. Room ID and Wayfinding Signs

Directional signs use clear text and simple icons to assist visitors, customers, and even your own employees with navigation around your site. When done well, these wayfinding signs are unobtrusive and hardly noticed until they’re needed.

The same goes for room identification signs which can help staff and visitors get the right room for their meetings with minimal confusion. Skimp on directional signs and you may find more than a few lost, confused customers and vendors and thousands more “can you help me find…” questions.

5. Trade Show Displays in Your Storage Area

Trade show displays and event displays are mobile, lightweight marketing solutions that can help you and your event team promote your brand to different audiences at local or regional events like trade shows, conventions, craft fairs, job fairs, and more. A good setup may feature products like retractable banner stands, table top displays, demo stations, and more. Combine these displays with custom signage and make an unforgettable presentation setup you can use for years to come.

If you need high quality, custom signage for your Bay Area, California company, then you need Sequoia Signs and Graphics of Walnut Creek, California. Call us today at (925) 300-1066 to make an appointment.

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