Friday, October 21, 2016

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Custom Trade Show Signs

Trade shows, conferences, conventions, and other industry events can all be important opportunities for businesses of any size looking to make important connections, introduce new products, and generate momentum. With so much riding on these frantic calendar days, making the most of your appearance on the trade show floor is vital, and it all starts with custom trade show signs and banners proclaiming your identity and establishing your brand.

Trade Show Displays & Banners - Walnut Creek, CA

If you need high quality custom trade show displays, signs, or banners for an event, Sequoia Signs & Graphics Inc. can help. Our in-house design and fabrication teams will help you turn your concepts into high definition signage that fits your booth design, packs safely and portably, and meets your budget.

This, combined with the following five simple ways to optimize your trade show signage, should guarantee that your event team’s first impression is their best impression!

1. Open up your Booth

Your signs should command highly visible positions in your booth design. However, be careful not to place them in such a way as to close off your booth to foot traffic. Too many exhibitors make the fatal mistake of bottlenecking traffic with obstructing tables or banners, ultimately turning away visitors.

2. Consider all possible Surfaces for Signage Opportunities

Don’t waste space that could otherwise be used to your advantage. Backdrops, tablecloths, paneling, and other often overlooked surfaces are perfect places to hang or print large, attention-grabbing signs without taking up precious booth space. Just be careful not to overwhelm visitors by attempting to cram information into spaces that are too small or which may detract from the booth’s overall effect.

3. Consider Lighting

A great sign is wasted if it can’t be clearly seen. Have backup lighting available in case your signage or demo materials end up in shadow. While lighting (and all electronics) may need to be handled by designated union workers, having a booth that is too dark or winds up in the shadow of neighboring booths makes lighting and visibility an incredibly important factor to consider.

Trade Show Displays & Banners - Walnut Creek, CA

4. Go Vertical

Trade show floors are busy, teeming with exhibitors, installations, milling crowds, and the occasional VIP. In a flood of visual distractions and with space at an absolute premium, vertical signage stands as a great option for many booth arrangements. Not only do vertical banners rise above the crowds to command attention, they can serve as useful signposts for your event staff who need to move around the show floor quickly. Plus they take up little horizontal space in crowded booth layouts. Just make sure that you always comply with your show’s height restrictions.

5. Go Big

Trade shows aren’t a time for subtlety, and with passersby roving through the show quickly and so many other distractions, making your message as clear as possible is important. Use simple, oversize designs on your signs to maximize its impact and help your visitors more quickly understand your company, your product, and why they would want to come inside your booth to see more.

If you have an upcoming event or trade show that you need to have a exhibit or booth created, Sequoia Signs can help you design and build a custom display.  Give us a call today at 925-300-1066 so we can help you Stand Tall And Get Noticed at your next event.

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