Thursday, October 27, 2016

Turn Your Truck or Trailer into a Mobile Billboard with a Custom Fleet Wrap

Vehicle Wraps are an amazing phenomenon.

Who would have given thought to this concept twenty years ago?  Now so many businesses are taking advantage of the great advertising space that has previously been blank.

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we love wrapping all sorts of vehicles. Here is an example of a trail wrap we did for Steel Smokin' BBQ & Catering:

Steel Smokin' BBQ Custom Trailer Wrap

Wraps can do several things:

Devil Mountain Diesel Custom Truck Wrap

  • They enhance name recognition- particularly for those businesses that find a unique color, pattern or feel
  • They can increase revenues by drawing in new clients, even those who are outside one’s normal range of business
  • They can increase profit margins if one focuses their vehicle ads to the business segments that are best for the bottom line
  • They can increase moral as employees love driving something that is integral to the business rather than just some white van
  • They can be just plain fun!

While they are easy on the eyes, wraps aren’t necessarily easy to produce.  We have to measure a vehicle carefully and plan where seams and wording will be so that we avoid problem areas.  Sometimes we will print the entire rap whole, and other times we will print the background and then apply wording and logos as a separate layer.  There is really no one method that works best- they both work well -we need to adjust for each job that we see.

Custom Trailer Wrap

Of course, the type of vinyl we use is also very important.  At Sequoia Signs, we only use premium cast vinyl for vehicle wraps, with the corresponding laminate.  3M and Avery are well known to be the best in the industry and that is good enough for us to use these two brands exclusively.

Do you have a vehicle wrap in mind?  We would love to help!  We also offer discounted pricing for fleet wraps.  Give us a call at 925.300.1066

Don't let white space go to waste.  Turn your vehicle or trail into a mobile advertising space!

Contact Sequoia Signs today to see how we can help you Stand Tall and Get Noticed Give us a call today at 925-300-1066.

Turn Your Truck or Trailer into a Mobile Billboard with a Custom Fleet Wrap is courtesy of: Sequoia Signs & Graphics

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