Thursday, December 29, 2016

Custom Channel Letters Signage for Pancharos

Channel Letters Sign for Pancharos in Walnut CreekWe recently had the pleasure of working with Pancheros in Walnut Creek to build and install their new custom channel letters sign at their Shadelands location.  It was an interesting project because the front sign which faces the main parking lot was designed to be ‘halo-lit’ reverse channel letters while the sign at the rear, which faces Oak Grove Road, was created with traditional channel letters that will be externally illuminated or front lit.  Pancheros is a great restaurant that everyone should try if they are visiting the new Shadelands complex in Walnut Creek (or- make it your reason to visit!)  We had a great time working with them and both sets of channel letters look terrific.

Halo-Lit Channel Letter SignageChannel letters are the lifeblood for exterior business signage.  Traditionally they consist of 5” deep formed letters with interior lights which shine out through an acrylic face, but there are many variations.   A long time ago, the illumination of these types of signs were done by neon bulbs, but LED lights have since taken over the illuminated market. Reverse lit channel letters have also evolved in other ways and the current popular trend is ‘halo-lit’ channel letters.  In this case, the light is still contained within each letter, but rather than projecting through the face, the light comes out the back of the letter and reflects off the wall behind.  This creates a ‘halo’ effect around the letters at night.  These types of letters are generally aluminum on all sides, which allows for a cleaner look during the day in addition the cool crown of light around each letter of the sign at night.  Many cities are adopting sign guidelines that favor halo-lit letters.

The front sign a Pancheros, Walnut Creek, is actual two different variations of what can both be called ‘halo-lit’ lettering.  Of course, the main letters are pan-faced aluminum channel letters as described above.  The other version is on the logo where we used a ‘push-through acrylic’ technique.  In this instance, clear acrylic is pushed through an aluminum circle.  The face of the acrylic is then covered in a double layer of vinyl to combat its translucent properties.  Thus, when the internal lights are turned on, the only area where the LED light can escape is through the edges of the acrylic- creating a unique ‘halo-effect’.

Channel Lettering for Pancharos RestaurantDo you have a custom channel letter sign project in mind?  As you can see, we can provide all types.  Give us a call and we’d be happy to meet with you to determine your needs and work on a sign plan.  Call us at 925.300.1066 or send us an email to

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why You Should Consider a New Business Sign for the New Year

Outdoor Business SignsThe New Year: when calendars are rolled over from 2016 into 2017, gyms and health clubs are packed, and half the office is on a brand new diet. Of course, despite our best intentions, the vast majority of our New Year resolutions end up forgotten or discarded, but when it comes to your small business signage you have a chance to make a real, meaningful change that will benefit your business for years to come: install a brand new sign!

Here’s why this idea makes so much sense and why you should consider making the change for your storefront:

New Year, New Mojo

The start of a brand new year is an opportunity for people and companies alike to change their approach and refine their image. While, for many, that means losing a few pounds or putting on some muscle, for a business it can mean a time to rebrand and come up with a fresh face to present to clients and customers. Even if you use the same typeface and logo, a new sign can rearrange these familiar elements and give you the ability to present yourself and your company in a fresh light and claim new attention. You can even use the effort as a catalyst to finally go through with a company-wide rebranding, from logo to color scheme and all the way back. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to make a change, the start of the New Year is perfect.

Winter Nights

During the winter the days are significantly shorter than during the summer, which means that your old business sign may not be as visible due to lower light conditions. The New Year is a perfect time to update to a new look that features high-performance, low-cost LED lighting that can cut through the night and give you more brand exposure during evening and morning hours. Plus, if you’re using old-fashioned neon lights, the change to LEDs can cut down your sign’s power consumption and maintenance costs dramatically.

Budget Concerns

Scheduling a December or January replacement also gives you options as far as budgeting and taxes. Your new sign is a business expense, and therefore can come out of your company’s taxable income. You can schedule and pay for the sign in the December and take it out of the old year’s taxes, or wait until your profit figures are in and use some of that profit to pay for the upgrade in January instead.

No More Holidays

After Christmas and New Year’s there is a long stretch without holidays to use in your promotions, and that can be hard on sales. Without much around to celebrate a rebranding and new business sign can be a good tool to use to pull in more visitors and bolster business until Valentine’s Day.

Sequoia Signs Is Open for Business

And we’ll have more than enough time to help you and your company with personal attention and high quality design services.

After the rush of the holiday season the New Year is ideal for stepping back and taking a new, fresh look at things. If you’re a small business owner or manager in the Walnut Creek, CA region, make it your New Year resolution to update your business sign. The team here at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc. would love to help you with all your business sign needs. Just let us know by calling (925) 300-1066 and we’ll be in touch!

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Sign Lighting: Neon vs. LED

Outdoor Illuminated SignsNeon outdoor signs are a classic, appearing in countless movies and iconic images and coming to define the look of entire artistic genres. The warm, flickering light generated by neon has illuminated famous streets and local landmarks across every state and every nation of the world for generations.

However, neon lights have their downsides and the older technology is rapidly being supplanted by a new lighting competitor: LEDS. Let’s take a look at how the two options fair in a head to head competition.

LEDs Vs Neon for Sign Lighting

1. Construction

Neon lights are constructed with the glass tubing that has been familiar to advertising for decades. Unfortunately, glass neon needs to be refilled and serviced periodically and the tubes are fragile and break often, and as a result neon lighting is infamous for being expensive to maintain.

LEDs, on the other hand, are constructed from strings of Light Emitting Diodes spaced in such a way as to create a constant glow along the various features of the signage.  These strings are encased in a flexible plastic housing that is wear-resistant and weatherproof, greatly diminishing the chance of breakage. In fact, LEDs are generally considered the lowest maintenance, most reliable lighting option available today. A single strand of LEDs can last 10 years before needing to be replaced.

2. Brightness

While neon looks great during a dark and rainy light, neon has never been famous as a particularly bright light source.

LED displays, on the other hand, are intensely powerful and can give their signage a crystal-clear visibility boost even in broad daylight.

3. Energy Use

Energy conservation is a hot topic, and in this area neon has always been a problem. Neon runs hot and uses a huge amount of energy, most of which is lost as heat instead of light.

LEDs run cooler (though brighter) and use a tiny fraction of the energy of older technology. In fact, while a glass neon sign may use 15,000 volts to light up the night, a comparable LED sign would use only 24. The total savings are anywhere from 5 to 10 times less, which can save a tremendous amount of power over the years and have a dramatic impact on a company’s monthly and yearly energy expenses.

4. Cost

Not only is neon more expensive to maintain in the long term, but it’s is also somewhat more expensive to buy initially. Comparable LED signs, while not tremendously cheaper, have a lifetime operational cost that is a slim fraction of neon, making them the better option in both the short and especially the long-term.

All technology changes with time, and when a new option comes along that is cheaper, more efficient, and performs better, the choice becomes obvious. If your business would like to invest in an LED-equipped sign that stands out and makes a statement, contact the expert sign makers at Sequoia Signs & Graphics Inc. Call us at (925) 300-1066 to make an appointment today.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

6 Lessons for Great Business Directional Signs

Directional Business SignsIf your company is located off the beaten path it can severely limit your foot traffic and hold back your business. Of course, thanks to the internet and social media (not to mention television and radio) there are still plenty of ways to reach customers who are out of eyesight, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of having good old fashioned directional signage on main roads to promote awareness of your brand and lure in the customers you depend on.

So, if you are looking to expand your advertising program with new directional signs, consider these 6 lessons for great directional signs and why each one matters when it comes to reaching out to customers in your area.

1. Keep It Simple

The customers who see your signs will almost certainly be in motion, and when you look at motorists that means you may only have 2-5 seconds to reach them. That brief window won’t give you the time to transmit a complex message or appeal, but it will give you the time to show off your logo and identify your business and industry.

2. Aim for Clarity

Contrast and clarity are intensely important for wayfinding signs. Not only will high contrast designs and designs featuring large, simple text make your sign stand out, it will be simpler to read and far more memorable as well.

3. Don’t Leave Gaps

Perhaps you are close enough to a main road to make do with two signs. If so, great! Just make sure that you take the time to look at your signs from the perspective of a customer and follow their direction as if you had never been to your own front door before. If you find any gaps in the directions or notice that customers are being misled, make sure that your trail is patched with new signs to help get your customers to your door. A breadcrumb trail doesn’t work if you leave gaps in the middle.

4. Check out Local Traffic Patterns

Putting out signs randomly may not be much help. Instead, take a look at the local traffic and place your signs intelligently based on driver and pedestrian behavior. This may mean placing signs beside other points of visual interest, adding directional features to your signage, placing extra signs further away so drivers have time to decelerate and pull over, or placing your signs on completely different roads if your closest intersection doesn’t have the traffic volume you need.

5. Consider Portability

If you can set up permanent signage, no problem. However, if you are going to be relying on temporary signage that will need to be taken in or moved frequently, you’ll want to consider its weight and the storage you’ll need to manage it. After all, if moving and keeping the signage is a pain for just one day there is no way you’ll want to keep using it it for years to come.

6. Buy the Right Quality

Low quality, cheap-looking signage will turn customers away. Be willing to spend what you need to get great signage that sends the right message to your customers. If you aren’t sure what signage is best for your situation, contact the experts here at Sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc. As local Walnut Creek sign makers we are deeply invested in our community and ready to help local businesses design and implement the very best signage for them, with directional signs that meet your goals and contribute directly to your long-term success.

To make an appointment, call us at (925) 300-1066 today!

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