Thursday, December 29, 2016

Custom Channel Letters Signage for Pancharos

Channel Letters Sign for Pancharos in Walnut CreekWe recently had the pleasure of working with Pancheros in Walnut Creek to build and install their new custom channel letters sign at their Shadelands location.  It was an interesting project because the front sign which faces the main parking lot was designed to be ‘halo-lit’ reverse channel letters while the sign at the rear, which faces Oak Grove Road, was created with traditional channel letters that will be externally illuminated or front lit.  Pancheros is a great restaurant that everyone should try if they are visiting the new Shadelands complex in Walnut Creek (or- make it your reason to visit!)  We had a great time working with them and both sets of channel letters look terrific.

Halo-Lit Channel Letter SignageChannel letters are the lifeblood for exterior business signage.  Traditionally they consist of 5” deep formed letters with interior lights which shine out through an acrylic face, but there are many variations.   A long time ago, the illumination of these types of signs were done by neon bulbs, but LED lights have since taken over the illuminated market. Reverse lit channel letters have also evolved in other ways and the current popular trend is ‘halo-lit’ channel letters.  In this case, the light is still contained within each letter, but rather than projecting through the face, the light comes out the back of the letter and reflects off the wall behind.  This creates a ‘halo’ effect around the letters at night.  These types of letters are generally aluminum on all sides, which allows for a cleaner look during the day in addition the cool crown of light around each letter of the sign at night.  Many cities are adopting sign guidelines that favor halo-lit letters.

The front sign a Pancheros, Walnut Creek, is actual two different variations of what can both be called ‘halo-lit’ lettering.  Of course, the main letters are pan-faced aluminum channel letters as described above.  The other version is on the logo where we used a ‘push-through acrylic’ technique.  In this instance, clear acrylic is pushed through an aluminum circle.  The face of the acrylic is then covered in a double layer of vinyl to combat its translucent properties.  Thus, when the internal lights are turned on, the only area where the LED light can escape is through the edges of the acrylic- creating a unique ‘halo-effect’.

Channel Lettering for Pancharos RestaurantDo you have a custom channel letter sign project in mind?  As you can see, we can provide all types.  Give us a call and we’d be happy to meet with you to determine your needs and work on a sign plan.  Call us at 925.300.1066 or send us an email to

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