Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why Your Small Business Needs a Great Storefront Sign

Best Business Sign Shop Walnut Creek CAIn the digital age it can be easy for small businesses to forget the basics, like just how important a good old fashioned storefront sign can be. But no matter how many of your customers are glued to their smartphones or how much of your business has moved online, the physical impact of your small business storefront sign is unquestionable.

Here’s why:

The Real World and the Digital World Are Closely Linked

While more customers than ever before may be using their cell phones to navigate to your business, once they get close it’s your storefront sign that actually confirms they’re in the right place and brings them in. As a result it’s important that your sign be large enough to be visible from nearby roads, brightly colored with good contrast and legible fonts, and distinct enough to stand out from your neighbors.

Alternatively, a great sign can prompt passersby to pull up your company on their phone to scope you out, looking over your info before they decide to give you a try. No matter how you cut it, a great real- world sign is an important part of the modern customer’s decision making and purchasing process.

First Impressions

Like we wrote above, your sign is an important tool for drumming up business on the street. More specifically, it is important that the graphic presentation of your business sign is striking and attractive, making a great impression on passersby which then leads to future business and a broader brand awareness in your area.

On the other hand, a bad sign, one that is too small, tattered, uses a bad font, or looks homemade and slipshod, can turn customers away and create a lasting negative impression that your company may never shake. Remember, your storefront sign represents your entire company, leading to countless first impressions. Make sure they are good ones.

For Local Regulators

Your company needs a well-designed sign that works for more than only customers. You also need a sign that complies with zoning restrictions and other official guidelines in your area. For instance, many cities specify size limits, prohibit LED equipped signs, or require signs to be approved in order to ‘fit in’ with the rest of the neighborhood.

During these approvals it’s vital that you work with a sign maker who is able to navigate these limitations while still designing a sign in a style and material that absolutely shines. They should be able to either take an existing logo that you love and transform it into a pleasing and functional design, or help you start fresh with a new logo that truly captures your company, your product, and your brand.

And if you live in Walnut Creek, CA, that sign maker should be Sequoia Signs and Graphics, Inc.! We have decades of experience helping small businesses just like yours make the important decisions they need to make to craft the perfect sign for their needs. And we can manufacture that sign in high quality materials that will look great for years to come.

To learn more about your options, or to check prices, materials, or look at some of our past work, check our homepage now or call us at 925.300.1066. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mom’s Bok-Choy Oh, Boy

A couple years ago I was visiting my Mom and she served me this little dish that has become a staple at my home. Never saw this as a kid- but I wouldn't have eaten it anyway!
It proves that you can never stop evolving in the kitchen! Anyway, this is super simple.
bok choy oh boy ingredients
Bok Choy (chopped)- lots because it REALLY cooks down
Shallots (slided thin)
Mushrooms (sliced thin)
Garlic (chopped finely)
Soy sauce
Crystalized Ginger

Saute the shallots over medium heat until lightly brown. Add the garlic and cook a little bit, then add the bok choy & mushrooms and saute until cooked through.almost there

As the boy choy starts to cook, add some soy sauce to the pan and a handful of the ginger.
My wife will tell you I prefer recipes that have repeatable formulas- but this really is one that is best to just add as you see fit.
It makes a wonderful side for almost any protein.


Bok Choy Oh, Boy!

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7 Questions To Ask Your Custom Business Sign Maker

Ordering a sign for your business is a huge step, and one that should be handled by an expert sign maker who’s up to the challenge. So, before you place your order, ask your chosen sign service the following 7 questions:

1. Can I See Your Portfolio?

Different custom sign makers specialize in different types of signs, and while it’s possible that your sign maker may have the range to produce the exact sign you want, you are still best off making sure that they’ve had success with your sign type in the past. Have them show you past projects and use those results to decide if they are the right provider to bring your concept to life. And who knows, you might spot another option that catches your eye, meets your needs better, or saves you money.

2. Who Handles the Design Work?

Don’t worry if you don’t or can’t draw up your sign design yourself. Developing a sign from scratch requires specialized skills, talent, equipment, and some technical know how too. For this reason, most professional sign makers use a graphic design team who can help clients like you take your vision and convert it into a great design. So ask if graphic design services are available, and if the cost is included in your sign making fee.

3. What Programs or File Formats Can You Work With?

There are perhaps a dozen file formats commonly used by custom sign makers and graphic designers, many of them specific to particular high-end graphic design programs. If you plan on bringing your own design or providing frequent feedback you should make sure that you have the ability to provide and receive information in a compatible format.

4. Do You Provide Proofs?

Proofs are final designs submitted for approval before the sign is produced. While digital proofs are generally free, it isn’t uncommon for sign makers to charge for hard copy printouts.

5. What Will The Final Cost Of The Sign Be?

As with many major services, hidden fees like design, labor, or proofing fees can unexpectedly increase the total cost of your sign. Ask directly and make sure that your initial quote includes all expenses so that you know exactly what the total on your bill will be.

6. When will Delivery / Installation be Complete?

Cost overruns aren’t the only danger when you order a custom sign. Delays and missed deadlines can also take what should be a simple and rewarding purchase and turn it into a source of frustration. Ask up front how long it should take until the sign is finished and ready for delivery or installation, and get the date in writing in the event that that deadline is missed.

7. What Maintenance Will the Sign Require?

We’ve all seen once-great business signs that have fallen apart due to weathering and neglect. Make sure you understand how to care for your sign in order to protect your investment and keep it looking great, whether that means stocking a few replacement bulbs or scheduling a seasonal cleaning.

If you need a custom sign solution for your business or organization in the greater Bay Area of California, contact Sequoia Signs & Graphics at (925) 300-1066. We have the tools, experience, graphic design service, and installation service you need to bring your next great sign to life!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Top 5 Ways to Explain Your Vehicle Wrap To Your Daughter

Sequoia Tundra

Ok, so you’ve just gone out and wrapped your work vehicle.  Maybe it was a truck, a van, box truck- and you love it!  I am sure you do- that’s because you took the time to work with a designer on an eye-catching design.  You also talked with your local sign maker about the different vinyl that are available and selected the best option for you.  Great.  Life is good.

…until your 10 yr old daughter comes to work and says “Daddy [Mommy]! What did you do to our truck?”

Huh?  I guess she doesn’t understand how many compliments you have already received from your clients.  She hasn’t calculated the (very low) cost per eyeball over the lifetime of the wrap- has she?  She doesn’t understand that you are establishing a brand in the area.

OK- so here are the top 5 ways you can explain your wrap to your daughter:

  • Honey, that white truck used to be a blank canvas driving all around town. It never helped me and it certainly did not impress my customers.  Now, it is working 24/7 for our company and is seen all over town!
  • Sweetheart, I took some of your college savings and invested in that wrap. Here’s the cool thing, unlike a stock which can go up or down, I know I’m going to get my money’s worth.  Our truck is seen all over town, creating impressions on potential new customers and reminding old clients that we are always there when needed!
  • Everyone knows our storefront, right? Well, the problem is, they don’t always drive by our door.  This way, it is like our store keeps driving around town so that everyone can see us.  And it is helping to build our brand.
  • See how you reacted? It made you think “wow, what happened?”  Well that is how everyone reacts when a well-designed wrap rolls into view.  This is one of the most powerful advertising statements a small business can make.  Beyond that, people know that we are invested in the business.  We care enough to brand our vehicles.  How cool is that?
  • Honestly, it was white when I gave it to Mom last night. Go ask her.

Sequoia TailgateHopefully you won’t need to explain, but not everyone understands the power of a vehicle wrap.

Are you interested in learning more?  Give us a call!  925.300.1066      We would love to work with you on your next wrap project.

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics, we want you to: Stand Tall and Get Noticed!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The 9 Most Popular Business Signs and Where you Should Use Them

1. Outdoor Sign LetterRodie's Wall Sign

Your business letters are front and center when it comes to proclaiming your business to the world. Place them outside your business, above your entrance or windows. If the door entrance is not directly below the signs for some reason, then you may want to support your sign letters with a small window graphic on the glass portion of the door, or another small sign beside the door if that is not possible.

2. Outdoor Lighted Business Signs

ststandard-channel-lettersLED-illuminated outdoor business signs serve the same purpose as the sign letters above, but lighted elements increase visibility during early morning or late evening hours. If your business stays open late or faces a main road, lighted elements may be worth the extra cost in order to increase your branding and advertising presence during dark hours.


                                              3. Lobby / Reception Signs

Wall Graphics for WCASOnce customers enter your business, following the direction provided by your main business signs, it’s nice to continue branding in order to reassure them that they are in the right place and provide a more cohesive, welcoming environment. Lobby and reception signs can take a wide variety of forms and are useful decoration for waiting areas with a large amount of customer traffic.



4. Directional Signs

download (24)Sometimes, when a business is off the beaten path, even the best main signage has minimal effect. Directional signage, which can take a variety of forms, helps direct customers from main roads or sidewalks back towards your storefront. Consider standalone directional signs, or rent space from neighboring businesses for wall-mounted directional signs.

                                             5. Monument Signs

monument signMonument signs are a powerful statement for your organization’s power and prestige, and can be a great addition to landscaping at large complexes. Made of heavy materials like stone or concrete, monument signs are best placed at your facility’s entrance, or near the main road for maximum exposure.

6. Vehicle Clings and Wraps

DMD splatterIf your company offers deliveries or outcalls, it’s wise to take advantage of your fleet by turning each vehicle into a mobile advertising platform with vehicle clings and wraps. These coatings will not damage vehicles and can help customers to quickly identify and respond positively to your drivers.

                                  7. Window Lettering and Graphics

The Flower Bowl signageYour building signage is your main weapon when it comes to branding and advertising, but its versatility is limited. Window letter and graphics can help you expand your advertising footprint without additional building permits (or running afoul of local signage limitations) and are cheap enough to be printed on an on-demand basis for special events or sales. Place them on your largest front-facing windows or the glass portion of your location’s door.

8. Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs are a perfect mobile solution for bringing in pedestrian traffic. Order a sturdy variety with a chalk or whiteboard face in order to quickly change your message for special events, and simply bring the sign inside when you close.

woman writing on sidewalk sign

                                   9. Event Banners

Romonet Banner StandA category all their own, event banners and displays are a lightweight solution for events ranging from job fairs, to special outdoor events, to massive sprawling tradeshows. Choose a colorful high-contrast design that’s reusable and makes a great impression while you’re on the road.

No matter what type of business sign you need, Sequoia Signs & Graphics can help. We provide every variety of sign on this list and many more—so your options are truly endless! Call today at (925) 300-1066 to learn more.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How To Choose The Perfect Sign For Your Business

Custom Business SignAn attractive, well-designed business sign can help you stand out from your competition and attract notice from potential customers who might otherwise have had no reason to stop in. But designing the perfect sign for your business can take time and is often best accomplished with a little professional help along the way.

With that in mind here are a few first steps to take as you choose the best sign to advertise your business.

Where should the sign go?

You can develop the biggest, boldest, most dramatic sign for a hundred miles in any direction, but unless you have a great location where it can be installed, that sign’s impact will likely be minimal. So, before you consider colors or materials, first walk outside and take a look at your property.

Based on your building’s layout and your customer base, where is the best place to put your new sign? You may want to consider horizontal options above your windows, in order to capture the attention of passing cars, or perhaps an elevated position partially or entirely above your building if there isn’t enough space. Alternatively, perhaps your ideal sign should be vertical to fit a narrow storefront, or should be perpendicular to your building (jutting forward from your building’s front surface) in order to capture attention from pedestrians passing beneath.

You should also keep looking at comparable signs and sign locations as you move around your neighborhood. Note how different sign options can be found on rooftops, windows, walls, awnings, banners, placed freestanding, or even displayed on the sides of cars and trucks if the building itself is removed from roads or sidewalks.

What should the sign physically look like?

Your sign’s physical characteristics are what are going to set it apart, so take a look at your company logo and imagine how you might translate it into a full size sign. Things to consider include color (Bold with good contrasts for visibility), lighting (for increased visibility), layout (text and graphics), and size (bigger is better, as it allows for better visibility at a further distance, but be sure to never over-build for your space).

If you can, sketch out a rough draft for reference.

What materials should the sign be made out of?

Signs are broken down into lettering / graphics materials and substrate materials. Materials commonly used for lettering include wood, metal, plastic, and foam, but generally not paint. Substrates, which serve as the backing for the lettering, include plastic, foam, paper, cloth, vinyl, wood, glass, and aluminum. Your sign maker will be able to help you make a final decision based on the size, complexity, and durability of the sign you desire.

Who will make it?

A great sign maker who works with you throughout the process is worth the investment, and the quality of service they offer should be considered when you check prices and options for your new sign.

At Sequoia Signs & Graphics our team goes above and beyond to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your sign choice. We’ll help you with each stage in the process, and our graphic design services can take your concepts and transform them into real, physical signage that brings in customers!

For more information, call (925) 300-1066 today

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