Wednesday, January 11, 2017

5 Spots in Your Office You Shouldn’t Skip Signage

When an office sign is missing or doesn’t do its job well, that absence can have a felt impact on your customers, clients, employees, and even the health of your company as a whole. That’s why Sequoia Signs & Graphics, Inc. of Walnut Creek works so hard to provide high quality custom office signage to our customers—to improve your office’s appearance and function without causing distraction, especially in the following 5 critical spaces:Important places to use office signs in your business

1. Restrooms

Restroom signage serves a very simple and incredibly necessary role in the comfort and daily operations of your office. Even with great office signs your receptionists are probably sick of answering “where are the bathrooms” and poor signs can turn this question into a constant, unending refrain. Good restroom signs are highly visible, very clear, with good contrast. They make it easy for people to find them and save your team’s time with that clarity.

2. All Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding office signs are signs that point people in a certain direction to help them find what they are looking for. Bathrooms are a great example, as overhead signage in a main hallway with an arrow can help direct traffic and get people to the place they desperately need to be. Install these signs on walls and hallways with perpendicular placements to help individuals in your office self-navigate to their objectives quickly and without the need for assistance.

3. ADA Signage

Any office signage that falls under the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) MUST be treated with care and manufactured to comply with all regulations. Violating the act can carry steep fines, and can also inconvenience any disabled visitors your office may host. Be sure to stay up to date on required ADA signs.

4. Wall Murals and Lobby Signs

Bare walls are bad for your professional image and office atmosphere. High quality wall murals provide a custom solution to get your logo, products, or motto up on the wall at an affordable cost. The results look great, fill in the empty space, and can help your company stand out in the minds of both perspective and current customers. Just be sure the mural, sign, or other artwork is produced to fit the space correctly for maximum effect.

5. Room Labels and Office Signage

The custom office signage you use to identify different rooms needs to be clear, much like the wayfinding signs in point 2. However, room and door signs play another important role that makes them important to get right the first time: they introduce the room’s occupants or purpose. The labels or nameplates on a room may be the only introduction your team member gets before a customer is inside and interacting. It is imperative, therefore, that office signs be kept in good repair and that they feature clear, attention-grabbing text in a font and color that supports your company brand.

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